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Whether you're looking to Purchase, Refinance, or Sell Real Estate it's a big step. Whether you're a First Time Home Buyer or Seasoned Commercial Investor- You'll immediately see the value in our services!

We work with a Network of Real Estate Professionals & over 200 Lenders across the country!!! Giving you access to countless options & some of the Most Competitive Rates, Products, & Real Estate Listings available!*

Buying, Selling & Refinancing Real Estate can be a source of anxiety and a huge sense of accomplishment. Trust our professionals to help you make Educated & Objective Decisions. "Less paperwork & more personal attention" means you enter a frustration-free zone from application to close. 

We specialize in many facets of Residential & Commercial Real Estate. Refinancing will help you consolidate your debt & lower your monthly payments, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. We'll give you everything needed to get the loan that's right for you. Fill out our easy loan request form and a Specialist will contact you about your options.  We typically close a loan in just 12 days! Tapping into your home equity is easier than ever before. You've been paying down your balance, and your property value has gone up! Tap into that wealth and reward yourself. We'll help with the best program to fit your goals.

Bad credit doesn't prevent you from obtaining Real Estate or a Mortgage! Let's identify & resolve any derogatory items on your credit and get you down the path to financial freedom. We will show you exactly how to improve your scores without spending hundreds of dollars. Start qualifying for everything that you deserve.

We give you the attention you deserve. We understand that you are making a commitment to buy or sell Real Estate, Refinance or Cash out your equity.And our commitment to you is to help you: Qualify for the right program, Buy Real Estate with substantial equity, & Sell your property for the price you deserve as quickly as you are ready to! All applicants receive a free credit summary and All Three of their Credit Scores!!! Apply Now & Qualify Today!!!

Edward Foy: Real Estate & Mortgage Solutions: The Home Equity Network: Direct:281-304-6353, FAX:832-476-6353
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